Do you know why everyone talks about passion?

It’s because passion allows you to work constantly. When you do something you love, and others find it useful, you grow. It’s passion, together with purpose, that allows you to do what you love. To look at the big picture and still maintain focus on the details. To look for alternative ideas when it seems impossible to find them.

What we do at Signature Sound & Video is not a job. It’s passion.



Signature Sound and Video is now a partnership of Mainline Home Entertainment based in Philadelphia Pa. and Sound Vision Systems based in Baltimore Md. What began as two friends running similar small businesses in two close markets, has become a connected group. Dave and Brendon have each been serving their clients in their respective markets for 25 years collectively.

They have worked on each other’s projects, offered each other advice and helped engineer custom solutions for their clients. When the question arose of how do we stay small and personal with each client we serve, yet grow enough to have the resources available like larger companies have the answer became clear.

The partnership of Signature Sound and Video allows small personal Integrators stay small and independent, yet connected in a relationship to be able to support each other with product advice, design ideas, and a list of best practices based on years of living in an ever evolving industry.

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Sound Vision Systems was started when Dave was working for a start up Internet Service Provider in Baltimore city in the early 2000s. Flat panel TVs were new, the Custom AV industry was peaking with the housing boom. When his company was acquired by Comcast, Dave began working for an AV integrator who sadly went out of business during the housing bubble. When one door closes another one opens, shortly, his phone started to ring with people looking for solutions. Dave became Sound Vision Systems in 2006.

Dave started understanding AV equipment when he started studying percussion while attending the Friends School of Baltimore and studying with instructors from The Peabody Conservatory of music. While playing music, Dave learned to install audio equipment and everything else fell in place.

When not working, you can find Dave spending time with his family, enjoying home projects or running his 2 kids to Soccer and Jujitsu practice. Dave makes exercise a part of life and can be found jogging on the NCR trail or sneaking off to the gym. On the right weekends he’ll be in his backyard running his smoker making BBQ and enjoying a little downtime.



Business is done with human beings. We work as an extension of your vision, not a faceless, outsourced entity.


We love taking initiative. Participating in various conferences, seminars, webinars, courses - this is something that we do on a regular basis. Also, we do our best to engage both our local and professional communities.


It’s one thing to be passionate about something - another to turn your passion into something useful. We don’t push for something just because we like it. It’s all about helping our customers reach their goals.


We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our customers, and the communities we serve. That’s why we do our best to give back to the people around us.