Why Choose Us

Reasons you should buy from Signature Sound & Video

We won’t let you make a mistake.

Our Systems Designers and Installers know about Digital TV products and emerging technologies and we’ll make sure you make the right decision.

Price. The delivered and installed price.

We don’t bait you with a low price on the TV and then surprise you with extras when we arrive to install it. We’ll explain the entire installation process before you make your purchase so you know what to expect when the job is complete.

Expert installation.

From concept to completion, including electrical work and drywall repair (if necessary) we’ll handle the entire project.
No one in the area is more qualified to perform the professional installation of your television than Signature Sound & Video.

Experienced Systems Designers.

Our staff represents experience with dozens of products. We understand more about how new TV technology will interface with your old/new components better than anyone else in the area. We are trained professionals in every area from concept to installation.

Free 30 day defective exchange program.

If it breaks in the first 30 days, we replace it. Free.

Service after the sale.

Service is more than a counter in the store where you take your broken product. Service is knowing you can call Signature Sound & Video and talk to someone who will answer your questions. Service is having competent technicians come to your home to troubleshoot a problem. We challenge you to find a more attentive and knowledgeable staff than the employees at Signature Sound & Video.

Top of the line product selection.

We don’t carry “no name” or private label TV’s. Signature Sound & Video only carries the top brands in every product category. In-fact were 100% authorized to sell the products we include in our systems. Bottom line you still receive the same warranty as you would in a “Big Box Store”.

We know how your products are supposed to perform.

Just because you have a picture and sound doesn’t mean you have a properly adjusted high definition picture with Dolby Digital sound reproduction coming from your audio system. we take the time to make sure your new TV is adjusted properly, that your cable box or satellite receiver has been formatted for the best possible picture and sound, and that your audio system, if applicable, is receiving the properly formatted audio signal and that your remote is completely integrated into your new or existing system.

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