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8 Steps to a quality installed Audio & Video System

Some of our customers have asked us why we don’t offer complete “installed” packages on our website. The simple answer is… We customize systems to fit your needs and not the other way around. Remember, the most important element in a custom installation is you.

So, you’ve got a budget and some plans: How do you go about getting one of these things installed in your home?

Step 1:

The most important step is to choose the source for the equipment and the installation. Your A/V system may be the most expensive “appliance” in your home and can easily be the most complicated to work. The right combination of products, properly installed, will provide you with years of enjoyment.

There are several ways to go about making your decision.

The Internet offers selection and price but unless you’re very experienced with today’s advanced A/V systems you’re unlikely to achieve satisfactory results doing this on your own or hiring a less than motivated third party installer.

Large national chain stores offer selection and price but are typically short on expertise, especially on complex systems or when high performance is in demand.

Custom install specialty companies and “package only” oriented retailers may have the abilities but often lack resources in terms of selection, inventory, experience, and/or service capabilities. In many cases there is no one to answer the phone when you really need help.

Signature Sound & Video has been a full service audio/video specialty store, regularly designing and installing quality “custom” audio and audio video systems. We are the factory authorized dealer for all the leading audio and video brands and inventory many popular styles and models. Signature Sound & Video is the area’s best source for high performance audio and video components.

Step 2:

Choose your television (s). What type? What quality? How big? How much? Where is it going to go? The rest of the system usually revolves around your decision on the television.

Step 3:

Choose the speaker system. Of all the products you buy for your A/V system the speakers are the least likely to become obsolete in the next 10 years and beyond. How many rooms? How big? How much? Where do you place them? The speakers are the “soul” of your investment. Quality can be as much an issue here as with the television. Signature Sound & Video stocks a wide variety of speaker systems to satisfy any budget.

Step 4:

Determine the proper amplification system. A tremendous number of long-term mistakes are made here by the uninformed and inexperienced, especially when multi-room audio and/or video is a factor. Quality amplification can make a tremendous difference in the sound quality and longevity of your investment.

Step 5:

Don’t forget about the remote control. If you’re under 40 with 20-20 vision and you’re single, the type of remote used to operate your system may be irrelevant. If you fall under any other category then pay attention to the remote control. Can you use the remote without your glasses? Signature Sound & Video understands.

Step 6:

Determine your sources. How will you be receiving your television signal? How will you watch movies? Do you have or need a DVD player? A VCR? Do you want a digital video recorder? Video Games? CD player? Turntable? iPod or another form of Internet media playback device? Do you have old equipment you want to use? Signature Sound & Video can unravel the complexities of these decisions.

Step 7:

Connectivity. In planning for a system such as this you must also plan for analog interconnect cables, digital cables, video cables, speaker wire, power management, connector plates, speaker brackets, TV mounting brackets, infra-red repeater systems, etc., depending on the design of the system and the components used. This is a variable that “package” oriented retailers often overlook…until you get the bill.

Step 8:

Getting it installed…the right way. In a “cookie cutter” world, we could tag packages with a single installation number and we’d be right 99% of the time. In the real world, a “pre-fab” number is not likely to be accurate and more often than not, will subject you to unexpected and sometimes substantial extra charges. Allowing for unforeseen issues such as plaster & lath, purlins, hidden pipes, and other structural impediments is difficult to do in an “estimate” and it’s something that Signature Sound & Video seeks to avoid on all estimates and proposals. In most cases, Signature Sound & Video will pre-inspect the installation site at no extra charge.

Signature Sound & Video rarely offers the cheapest alternatives to a quality home entertainment system. What we can and do offer is an unmatched level of expertise and advice combined with a broad selection of quality products that will insure you of maximizing your home theater investment.

This has been our mission since opening for business.

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